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Private & Group Classes with Lee's Chinese Martial Arts Federation

Join Lee’s Chinese Martial Arts Federation in Raytown, Missouri and enjoy the benefits of our fitness and self-defense classes. We offer a wide range of private and group classes, including nutrition suggestions to help you make the most of each movement you make.


Private Classes

Member Rate: There are special discount for active and inactive students.

Program 1: For individuals who prefer a traditional program which involves stretching, forms, wooden dummy, testing preparation, and fighting (street defense, kick defense, wing chun sparring and wing chun fut grappling).

Program 2: Are for Those whose main focus is health and fitness. This program you are taught how to eat in a manner that burns fat and improve overall health. Learning the importance of stretching, how the lack of stretching can cause many other health problems. Then being taught stretches that are simple, you will be given a form to record your progress.



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