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Health & Fitness Training with Lee's Chinese Martial Arts Federation

Each of our lifestyle fitness classes includes 20 minutes of no-impact Kung Fu Cardio. Those who don’t exercise are encouraged to start slowly, and take all the breaks you need. You’re sure to notice your endurance improving quickly. Stretching is a must, especially as we get older, and our classes include weight training as well, including the proper way to life. We also discuss healthy eating habits to improve your results further.


We don’t focus only on the external battle on aging, we focus on using the Kung Fu discipline to improve your health all-around. Your first battle is the hardest—come in for your first class. From there, you’ll develop new habits and better health. One of the first will be healthy eating. Start small and eliminate one bad food at a time, celebrate the victories along the way, and replace them with better options. You don’t need to eat less, only better.



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