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At Lee’s Chinese Martial Arts Federation in Raytown, Missouri, you’ll have the benefit of a Kung Fu Master with more than 35 years of experience training and teaching the arts. We teach good defense and counter skills, without actually hitting each other, and we strive to teach the entire lifestyle. By teaching the mind, body, and spirit, we create the “I Can” attitude. Whether you have a few extra pounds, are in poor health, are not very active, or you’re aging, the key to getting the most out of life is to never give up. Getting around others who are working with you can give you the motivation you need to go on.


Make Your Decision

Living requires hard work and a healthy lifestyle. Embrace what you can’t change and do what you can to help yourself. Whether you’re eating better, exercising more, stretching, studying your faith, or all of the above, every positive change is good for your entire being. The only bad experience is one from which you learn nothing.


Our Style

We teach our students to take responsibility and control their power. Students are prohibited from striking or hurting each other, which teaches them how to defend without having to injure their opponent. This ensures the ability to protect themselves while having the humility to match the attacks. Contact us to learn more about our unique approach to kung fu.


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